Year: 2017


Be careful to ensure that you are being influenced by proper Christian thinking, and not that you read a blog from one mad man or woman on the street, who have never successfully lead even 40 human beings, yet because he/she has a computer and internet, speaks freely of things he cannot understand.


The challenges we face in this country may be God calling us back to repentance. It is either we bow down before Him and repent, and see our nation get better, or we sit still in our wickedness, selfishness, pride and stupidity, and see God ‘wring our necks out’ to the last in this Nation.


No matter who is in power, no matter which tribe he comes from, we all can prosper in this land. We all can have a peaceful and blessed land, if only we can turn to the real ruler of the heavens and the earth and acknowledge that we have sinned; and turn away from our wickedness.


10.30am: I arrived very late to school that Wednesday merely because I had to pay a visit to the mortuary on the urging of my proprietress. I had my ear full as I was coming to school that day, because all through the time I waited at the mortuary, people told stories of spirits, visitations from the dead, etc. Due to the fact that they were all elderly people, I kept quiet and smiled all through while the spoke, but in my mind, I queried many of their experiences. So, as I trekked down to school that morning, I meditated on the things I heard those people tell at the mortuary waiting place, and I turned them over in my mind. How much of these experiences with the dead are really true, and not mere subjective experiences? In fact, last two days, I had derailed an afternoon Science class (which I rarely do, unless when I know I’m ahead in scheme, and feel I need to say somethings extra-curricular to my students) in order to challenge some of the traditional beliefs of men in the reality of the spirits of dead men, reincarnation and many other traditional beliefs which I strongly objected to. I had a good time meditating that morning as I trekked down to school. 12.05pm: I was already almost through with my class that period, as I cut a little bit into my students’ recess period (an act I do not recommend) in order to tidy my teaching for that day. As I was rounding up, I began to hear noises rising from other classes as the students began to gather themselves together. At first I thought that everybody suddenly discovered it was break time and wanted to go and play. All of a sudden I started…

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In the world where we live today, strange things are happening. Things that in the distant past were called abominations are being paraded everywhere as a rule of life. Sometime past, one old man who as a youth won an Olympic gold medal suddenly woke up at almost an age of 60 and concluded that he was no longer a male. In his own mindset, he decided he was a female, and proceeded to do surgery and attempted to change his sex. Popularly known as Transgenderism, this madness is becoming popular in America today.  It is not unlikely that you will enter a dressing room that was supposed to be an all female, and you notice a male there, as you confront him, he will tell you that he is a female ‘trapped’ in a male body. Of course, if you persist, he will report you to the authorities that you are hurting his(or her ) sensibility. Believe me, strange things are happening. The gay matter has almost become a bygone thing. Many western countries have passed a resolution legalizing gay marriage. The latest was the republic of Ireland. What made Ireland case peculiar was because it was the first time that a country legalized gay marriage by popular votes.  That is to say, instead of using supreme courts, or passing through legislators, the government put the matter out to the people,  elections were conducted on this matter, and the people ‘overwhelmingly’ voted in support of gay marriage! Strange things are happening. Am I to talk about people who sleep with animals, and under-aged children. Am I to talk about those who sell their future, body, children, etc for money.  Not even because of hunger, but just so they can make it big. As I looked around the happenings in…

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If we truly want to learn one thing or two about authority, we will learn it from God. One important thing I have learnt about authority from God is the way He uses authority. He has the power to force man to do what He wants, and He has the right to force things to go His way, but He has decided never to use all His authority and influence. God teaches us a serious lesson on limiting authority.


I am still bothered on so many grounds, so I may speak a little bit more. I want to address a little bit squarely the agitations from certain quarters in Igbo land for the sovereign state of Biafra. No one who have followed the history of Nigeria will fail to shake its head at the tribal tendencies and propaganda that has marked this Nation from its independence. The Hausas against the Yorubas, the Hausas against Igbos, the Igbos against the Hausas, and so on. I decided to scan through, briefly, some of the historical books that I have read before like Martin Meredith’s THE STATE OF AFRICA and Alexander Madiebo’s THE NIGERIAN REVOLUTION AND THE BIAFRAN WAR. I had to shake my head again at what have been a sorry history of tribal and ethnic sentiments without end. I have so many things to say with my little mind, but I will start somewhere. The decisions being taken today will affect my generation the most, hence I must speak so posterity will preserve my records for the coming days. The Igbos had been given quit notice by some unscrupulous elements in the North, and many in the South-East are asking them to return. A question still burns in my heart- WHY? WHY ARE THE IGBOS NOT COMING BACK? WHY ARE THEY FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO RELOCATE TO THEIR HOMELAND? With all the terrorism and other issues in the North, the average Igbo feels it better to stay there than come home. Why? I once talked with my friend in Gombe, and he told me that many Igbos who ran away from Gombe because of Boko Haram had to come back after all. Why? They could not settle in their homeland. For them life is easier in the North than in…

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I write, not to show that I am brilliant or intelligent, but to promote my Lord Jesus and His Sacrifice on the cross in the face of the contemporary issues bedeviling our society today. There has never been a time when the consciousness of race/ethnicity has been so much an issue as it is in our world today. It is even funny to say that issues of diversity have been a little easier for the foreign countries to handle than African countries. Now, I do not intend to put out philosophical arguments on that. But, as a Christian, what should be my attitude towards other ethnic groups and races? What does the word of God truly teach? Colossians 3 vs. 11 remarked concerning the new life in Christ, “In this new life one’s nationality or race or education or social position is unimportant; such things mean nothing. Whether a man has Christ is what matters, and He is equally available to all”. (LB). What this teaches us is that there is no discrimination with Christ. There is no marginalization with Christ. When people have truly accepted Jesus into their lives and are living by His words, one thing that will mark their lives is a love and regard for all men, regardless of tribe and descent. One challenge we have had in Africa (and Nigeria especially) is not that we have too many ethnic groups in one nation, but we have too few people who are truly Christians, and who are living their lives the way Jesus wants us to. This is the story of many African nations. Look at the newest African nation- South Sudan. They fought vehemently for independence, and after a referendum where over 98% of the populace voted for independence, they were granted independence from Northern…

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I am seriously bothered by the trend of madness that has begun to hit South East Nigeria on a whole new levels. All my life, I had heard people arguing that the Igbos are Jews (descendants of Israel). I don’t know where they got all that from. Maybe from seeing the name “Eri” in the Bible. Now, I don’t even want to start debating this matter, but certain issues bother my mind of late. So what if the Igbos are Jews? What does it change? How does that help us? Does it make us any more loved by God? Does it make us have more respect in His sight than a Hausa man, or an Arab man? We must be careful the sentiments we whip especially when it comes to interpreting the ways of the Almighty God. Jesus said, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”. Abraham is not the way. Moses is not the way. Israel is not the way. Jesus is the way. This means therefore that if we must have God’s favor and special love, it must be as we believe in Christ Jesus. The Fulani man who believes in Jesus is more honored, loved and cherished by God that an Igbo man who “claims” to be a Jew, or “claims” to be a Christian, but lives his life contrary to the teachings of our Lord Jesus and His Disciples. It is sad that even in the western church, there is an unhealthy promotion of Israel, as if they matter more in God’s agenda than others. It is true God began His agenda with them, but all through the laws and the prophets, He had expressed that His target is the whole world. “For God so loved THE WORLD”, not Israel, or the Igbos. God…

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In the last two series on the Science of Rape, I had taken time to explain that the way to curb the menace of rape in our world is to deal with the ambience, knowledge and perspectives that sets a young mind upon that course. If this is not done, and the young minds continue to feed on the junks, errors and ungodly mindsets being perpetrated on all forms of media, then definitely, we will only be fighting losing battle against the menace of rape in our society. However, the challenge is that this observation does not only go for rape, but for all social ills in the society today. From kidnapping, to cultism, to sexual perversion and immorality, to political thuggery, bribery and corruption, and all other forms of social ills. If we will win this fight, then we must get down to the basics of all issues- the HEARTS OF MEN. In our world today, righteousness has become persona-non-Grata to the young minds. By the reason of the myriads of negative information that fills their minds from the social media, films and music industry, print and online media, and their stars, role models and OAPs, many young minds have cone to conclude that the way of righteousness is ideal, and does not work in real life. An average young person knows that sexual immorality is not good, but after all the films he has watched he thinks it is not possible for a man to be sexually pure. “man no be firewood” becomes their popular saying. So, we see that people know what is right, but they have come to consider righteousness impracticable, and have rather chosen to go the popularly taunted way. So, what are we going to do? Sit down and complain about how bad the…

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