Day: March 27, 2017


I will attempt to do something far beyond me, and that is to define SUCCESS. What really is success? What really would we see in our lives and then say confidently that we are successful? What would we see in others and say they are successful? A house in the village? Plots of land at Lagos and Abuja? A company of one’s own? A highly paying job? A powerful, wonderful car? Fame and worldwide recognition? What exactly is success? When Nelson Mandela died, people from far and wide, presidents and prime ministers came for his burial. I was highly intrigued and impressed by the retinue of people that attended his burial. Silently in my heart, I started wishing that I will make such impact in the world that when I die, US president, UK prime minister, and of course CNN and BBC will attend my burial ceremony. While the thought was going on in my heart, the Holy Spirit began to rebuke me. How many great men attended the burial ceremony of Apostle Paul? When Robert Hyslop of Bassa died, how many prime ministers attended his burial. When Pa G. Elton or Mary Slessor were being buried, how many awards did they acquire, and how many news media covered their burial ceremony? It got me thinking. What is life really all about? What will I do with my life that when I look back from my death bed or scene, I will say with such air of fulfillment like Paul, “I have finished the race”? And as I see how my world reasons, and even in the church, I watch as Mammon reigns. He sits enthroned as lord on our altars, while we keep on singing that only Jesus is Lord. What is Mammon? It is not just the ‘god…

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