September 18, 2021


Living in any African nation, you will always be stunned with the many new ideas that the African man is capable of churning out from the great mass of his intellectual realities. It is exactly as Pliny the Elder said, “Ex Africa semper aliquid novi” (Out of Africa, always something new).

That period many years ago when the current Nigerian president went abroad for medical treatment and stayed quite long, many conspiracy theories started spinning out. Almost all of them were centered on the fact that the president was dead, and that they were trying to hide it from Nigerians in order to perpetuate the reign of the Hausa-Fulani. Many people raised lots of dust that season as we all felt that another Yar’Adua situation was about to repeat itself.

However, one day, as announced, the president came back to the country, looking better than his previous self when he left. Sincerely, I had prayed for his recovery while he was away, hence I was happy that the man was back and healthy. We thought that the matter of his being dead will now be put to death and all naysayers shut up so we can face the more critical challenges facing the nation as at that time.

However, to my greatest shock, a new story entered the scene. Some men who had shared the initial story that he was dead began to add a new spin to their initial claims, essentially doubling down on their initial claims which had been proven wrong. They claimed that the president was dead and that a certain man from Sudan who resembled him was called to come and replace him as the president of Nigeria. The claim was so ridiculous that many did not believe it as at that first time. All over the internet, nevertheless, pictures began to spin out trying to compare the ‘new’ president to the ‘old’ president, with the aim of justifying such claims. In fact, even some notable newspapers carried such pictures, though with a question mark to their titles. After much, the whole issue appeared to had died down.

Nevertheless, as the days drew on and electioneering intrigues began to hit the waves, this claim took on a new twist and reentered the national consciousness. Many spins began to emerge. Some said the president is a clone, some said he is Jubril from Sudan, some said he is a zombie, and so on and so forth.

My little intellect, so far, could not flow with these claims. I found it difficult to believe that such claims were possible. How could a whole president of one of the most populous, developed and intellectually advanced nation in Africa die, and the whole of the world never knew about it, or did know about it and kept silent? How could the many men of ‘timbre and caliber’ who were then facing some backlash from the president know that the one who currently sits on the throne of a nation of over 140 million personalities is a foreign ‘idiot’ from Sudan and they all kept quiet. The whole thing was highly preposterous to me. But, wherever I voiced my concerns to my friends and those around me, I was seen as a man without sense. Some claimed that I do not know the power of a Fulani man to hold the whole world ransom, some were claiming that when Trump called our president ‘Lifeless’, he was trying to tell us that the president was dead, and it was a new person he saw, and so on and forth. All my concerns as to the impossibility of these propositions were thrown to the wind. Some even claimed that the reason Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and other Generals were fighting the presidency was because they knew that it was not him that was in power, but an impostor from Sudan. When I asked why they simply cannot rise up and condemn such actions, I was told that they were afraid of their lives and do not want to be killed. Hence, they want to remove the impostor by electioneering.

So much for the long story, this is the challenge now. Horror of horrors, Jubril has won again! Whether we believe the election was rigged or not, the truth remains that until the tribunals and every other courts sits on the election matters, and passes their judgment, Jubril remains our president. In fact, as the inauguration comes up tomorrow, it just dawned on me that we are about to swear in Jubril, hence, I wrote this sarcastic article to drive up some rules for men (especially Christians) on how to handle and guard themselves in a world full of lies.

It is my desire that every African Christian understand that we live in a world governed and controlled by Satan who is a master liar and the father of lies. The implication of this is that the whole world around us strives on lies, and your power to exercise authority over gullible people is a function of how much you can tell lies with so much straight face that people begin to believe you are saying the truth. This is the challenge with the African political environment. Everyone is accused of one thing or the other which may not even be anyhow true, but they may spend the rest of their lives and political careers trying to maneuver and come out from the web of lies which had been weaved against them.

Thus, as a Christian, we have a duty to refuse to be gullible and easily led astray by the chicaneries of men. You may see a man speaking and saying many things about how Christians are being tormented in Nigeria; the truth is that he has no single concern as to the well-being of Christians in Nigeria, he is only trying to whip up sentiments so that he can win a political position. This is the origin of the much lies that spreads in our society today, and the social media even helps to give credence to these lies, as someone can easily say, “I saw it on internet yesterday. It is true.”

There is no logical explanations whatever for the fact that the president of a nation will die and an impostor from Sudan will be called to replace him, and for 3 years or so the whole world never knew about it, or they knew about it and kept quiet. It is highly preposterous and a practical impossibility. Who exactly is CNN, BBC, Fox News, Breitbart, Al Jazeera and many of these foreign international news channels afraid of that they cannot speak up and tell us that the president of Nigeria is actually dead, or they simply do not know? We live in a world where you cannot cover such things. It is a practical impossibility. All sanity and commonsense does not give room for such nonsensical claim, yet we actually believed it.

It is high time we changed our attitude towards the things of the land. Nigeria is ours and we have a right to speak up. However, we have a burden to walk and speak the truth and not to believe the lies men cook up in their private chambers. I call on the men of the press to try within the ambits of their capacity to be more factual than sensational, and I strongly encourage every news site not to sacrifice truth and commonsense on the altar of ‘driving traffic’ to their site.

So, as we swear in Jubril, I want us to know that unless God intervenes (and most times He does not, because He does not believe and think the way we do), he (Jubril) will rule us for the next 4 years. Hence, we either agree that this is really our president, and so hold him responsible for his words and actions over the next four years, or we continue to believe it is Jubril from Sudan, and hence shut up our dirty mouths and sit down quietly and mourn the fate of Africa’s most powerful nation being ruled by an impostor from a subordinate sister-country.

God bless Nigeria.



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