September 20, 2021


Ancient prophecy makes it clear that in the days preceding the coming of Christ, there will be tough times for those who are following and living by the principles of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul told his son Timothy that in the last days, it would be very difficult to be a Christian (2 Timothy 3 vs. 1), and that all who must live by the principles of our Lord Jesus will suffer many persecutions and losses from the hands of the world and its leaders (2 Timothy 3 vs. 12). This tells us that we may not necessarily be expecting an easier and a freer world as the end draws near.

As the end draws near, the world will put us on edge. They will continually make it difficult for us to live by the principles of love propounded by our Lord Jesus Christ. They will so disturb us and treat us unjustly that we would want to retaliate or resort to self-help in order to get back what is duly ours. If care is not taken, some may drop their faith in order to face the issues before them. Jesus said that on the last days, because of the abundance of iniquity (injustice, intimidation, lawlessness, etc.) the love of many (for God and for their fellow men) will wax cold (Mathew 24 vs. 12). In fact in the revelation God showed Daniel, it was recorded that in the coming days, a mighty beast will arise that will wage war against the believers in Christ Jesus (the saints), and the prophecy said that he (the beast) will even prevail against them (see Daniel 7 vs. 20—21, 23-25). This is a once-and-future prophecy, i.e., it has happened and will still happen.

In the coming days, before Christ comes, we must expect the darkness to increase tremendously, and we must expect the pressure on us to increase greatly. Christ warned us, and we cannot claim ignorance of this. The governments of this world will increasingly show their hostility towards Christ Jesus and all who believe in Him. This hostility will start in a civilized manner, like a battle for human rights, or for peace and unity, or for global health and prosperity; however, in the process of times, it will clearly be revealed that the goal of the prince of this world is to deal with God’s children. He may pretend that he is just fighting for human rights, for peace, for unity, for security, etc., but the ultimate goal is to do battle against God’s people, and the scriptures warn us that for a time, he will win.

I am not writing this article so that you will lose heart and stop fighting against injustice in your society. I am not saying that you should not envisage the possibility of a better and saner society, and work towards it using the position, place and power God has given you.

However, I write so that you will be a plowman of hope, so that you will labour without losing heart. Even when you see all your efforts coming to nothing, even when it appears that society gets worse and worse despite all your efforts, do not lose heart. Thankfully, God has not placed the world solely at your power, neither has it made this world solely a function of your ability to succeed. Yes, you have your role to play, but in the end of it all, this world is running a course which the Almighty knows its end already. So, even when Islam seems to be everywhere and pulling weight, even when the forces being arraigned against Christians from many quarters are great, this is what we know, WE HAVE WON!

Why do I say that? When your eyes are opened, and you see the end of it all, you will see that after all, we will win. Though Daniel saw the mighty beast that was terrorizing God’s people and prevailing over them, he also saw that the beast’s victory over God’s people is only for an appointed time. Soon the judgment will sit and the verdict will be passed against the prince of this world and all his cohorts. In fact, in Daniel’s words, “But the court shall be seated, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and destroy it forever. Then the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people, the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him. THIS IS THE END OF THE MATTER.” Daniel 7 vs. 26-28.

Now imagine if Daniel was alive to witness the reign of this beast and see what he shall do to God’s people. Imagine the difference that would have been between Daniel’s attitude and the attitude of those who never saw what he saw. This will help you understand why some Christians act with desperation towards this administration. They see hopelessness and helplessness. They see themselves as unable to do anything in the face of the government’s overreaching attitude, so they criticize and criticize with reckless abandon. But for others, they have come to know the end of the matter. So, they are not worried at the noise and the push of the princes of this world. The world may have their way for now, but at the end, we will win. We who have a superior knowledge smile at it all, for we know the end of the whole matter, and at the end, WE WON. That is why Paul wrote to his son Timothy and said, “For to this end we both labor and suffer reproach, for we have set our hope in the living God, who is the savior of all men, especially of those who believe” 1 Timothy 4 vs. 10.

But suffering is not easy, and we wish we will go through life the easier way; hence we toil and strive. We speak against injustice, and we pray for good to come to our land. We join the fight against wrong, and we say no to wickedness. However, no matter how the die turns, we do not lose heart, for we are plowmen of hope, and have set our hope in the living God, and we know we will win. So, however this whole scenario (of Kaduna religious bill, and cattle grazing zones) turns out in our nation, do not be disheartened, God is on the throne, and in the end, His highest purposes will prevail, for we are the people of the living God, and we can never lose the WAR.


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