October 20, 2021

0 thoughts on “THE PLOWMEN OF HOPE pt. 3

  1. What more can I say sir,
    What excuse do I have….?
    When life throws it’s blows on me, I have one deep word in my heart from today, to keep the GAZE still on JESUS…
    To ponder on His word…
    To praise and worship Him….
    And one more thing, to reflect on the wonders, miracles and on the thus far He has led me……
    Happy birthday sir…
    Many more fruitful years ahead….
    You are forever blessed…..

  2. You have said it all….
    And I found out that I’m not the only one treading on this path..
    My gaze … Has been on him…
    But with your word today….
    I’m encouraged, and I will put more effort in trusting him.
    Thank you dear

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