September 19, 2021

Sometime ago, on a WhatsApp group I belong to, someone forwarded a message warning people to be wary of eating beans, that the Fulanis have conspired to inject beans with some form of poison so as to kill many people. The message included a link from Vanguard Newspapers. When I saw the message, I doubted it at first as one of those false alarms being spread. However, since it included a vanguard link, I decided to click it and find out what was in it. My first shock was that the story led me to a vanguard report that was published about 4 years before then, and it involved the story of two Igbo (not Fulani) traders who were arrested for using the insecticide ‘Sniper’ to preserve their beans. The story had nothing whatever to do with the Fulanis, nor any agenda to kill people en masse.

Over the years, this trend continues. If I decide to recount episodes where people have published things which when I checked, I found to be false, then I could make a whole book out of it. The most appalling of them all is that people have learnt to encapsulate certain perceived Gospel content in a mask of lies. It is not strange to see a post supposed to come from W. F. Kumuyi, or Gbile Akanni, or E. A. Adeboye or any other Christian minister, which may concern going to heaven or hell, or Islamic agenda, etc. However, those things are all false. False, not because what was said inside may not be true, but false because the messenger to whom the message is attributed is wrong.

Most annoying of them all are those messages where they will tell you that if you love Jesus, you should forward them. They will tell you that Jesus and Satan had a contest that people will not forward this thing, so they will say, “Please forward so Jesus can win.” To all these things, I have one word: NONSENSE. Sorry, two words: ABSOLUTE NONSENSE.
If you are going to be a true Christian, whose words can be trusted in this present day and age, then you must make a commitment not to forward anything on your social media accounts unless they are totally true. Why must you have to forward about Fulani agenda? Why must you have to forward about the president and his wicked schemes? Why must you have to forward a supposed message from heaven or hell that has no biblical basis? Why do you have to forward messages attributed to men who never made such statements? Must you always forward alarms and messages of fear?

As a child of God, your integrity is at stake. You must own everything you forward. Your social media account is supposed to be used to preach God’s sincere word. Forward your convictions, forward what God has taught you recently, write to encourage people. Even if you must forward a news, it must be thoroughly proved. Don’t forward something just because you assume it may be true. No, brother. If you are not sure that it is true, don’t forward it.
You are God’s child. The World is watching you, and so also is the Lord watching you. As much as lies in your hands beloved, do not forward alarm. Do not forward hate propaganda. Do not forward political vendetta. Do not forward supposed Christian contents encapsulated in lies. You must be responsible for what you forward, and know that you will give account of those ‘gossips’ that you are sharing on your social media account.

God bless you all.

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