September 18, 2021

MEN WITHOUT MERCY: A Reflection on Kings and Crowns

An abused privilege!

These were people we gave our choice, aligned efforts with and echoed to with so much expectations. It was a massive rally. A rally to convince our people. Opponents against opponents and parties against parties. It was an earthly fight with the aim to reign for just a short while; 4 years at least, and if luck shines you reign an extra 4 and then the game of the throne is over. So, this was the cycle!

Who will win over?

In our hearts we hoped to see beyond the physical. We wished for a Shepherd, who can take care of “All”, lessen the burden and manage our Resources!

With our wishes and wants still on our lips, while still calculating who the good Shepherd could be, they snatched us a listening ear and quickly, they echoed their promises.

I will do this!!

And I will do that!!!!!!

So, in our human thoughts we gave them a chance for a better change. A massive hope that we won’t be imprisoned, drowned and made slaves over the things that rightly belong to All. We hoped that our heavy Chains will be removed from our necks rather than tightened the more. Because as of suffering, we’ve drank the full of it. From hunger, to bad roads, from corruption to persecution, from killing to bombing in the churches. The kidnapping of our innocent young ladies to turning them into slaves of sex. So many atrocities which are uncountable to name.

It was only a hope, for we can’t see the mask behind the face; we can’t even know the hidden agenda of a man in his heart.

So still by chance, we made him our crown and he pledged to be faithful, loyal and honest. To SERVE with all his strength. To defend her unity and to uphold her honour and Glory, crowned with the total dependency on God.

Few months to the throne, He showed green light that brought happiness to us. It was not long, the game changed. The crown in the helm of affairs showed no mercy, compassion and help to the ones that crowned him. Rather, He tightened the chains, aligned with the wicked strangers to invade and destroy us all. Our hopes were left chartered!!! Like a widow without a child! Moreover, amidst the masses, nobody dared to speak because of the fear to be killed.

Then came two generals, representatives of the King above all kings. They conquered fear and spoke to the crown. Instead of change, He deliberately and wickedly cut the life span of one. He made it a silent case that much people won’t know. The name of the general killed was URIAH from KIRIATH-JEARIM, he was denouncing the city and the nation the same time with the other representative. The crowned sought for his life after hearing his proclamation. A death warrant was signed soon. Uriah heard it and fled for his life to a far-away city. But the crowned aligned with his evil officials, captured him as a prisoner and butchered him with a sword. They buried him in an unmarked grave. (Jer.26:20-23).

To the other general, the only representative left, they took him from the cell and lowered him by ropes into an empty cistern in the prison yard. There was no water in it but rather a thick layer of mire at the bottom and he sank down into it. (Jer.38:6.) He was called JEREMIAH.

These were wicked men! They were not fair minded! They did wrong and covered their wickedness! They refused help to those in need! They did not protect the rights of aliens and immigrants, orphans and widows! They murdered the innocent and destroyed the places where Yahweh was worshipped. Constantly they afflicted the masses…

Now, listen! God sees, He watches and he is not like men that lies. He remembers and pays back evil…….

In the midst of these, a voice arose. While the man left in the cistern was shut to die; a voice spoke! His name was EBED-MELECH, the Ethiopian, one who was not even among the tribe. An important palace official, He heard the news of one man in the cistern. So, he rushed out to the gate of Benjamin, the crowned court. He wailed and interceded for him. His act, saved Jeremiah……

Again and again, I say: God remembers! He remembers those that showed mercy to others in their distress, and remembers those that didn’t. Even though Ebed-melech was not qualified to be a part of the common wealth of Israel; because he showed mercy, he obtained mercy too.

Then, what is the fate of those without mercy? People like ZEDEKIAH and his mighty princes, they showed no mercy and so they obtained no mercy and were all killed. They had made themselves ‘gods’ forgetting that they will not last forever.

In Paul’s last Epistle to his son Timothy, he remembered two people: the one who was without mercy (ALEXANDER THE COPPERSMITH) 2Tim. 4:14-15 and one who showed him great mercy (ONESIPHORUS) 2Tim. 1:15-18.

So, most often we are found on our knees, pleading and asking for God’s mercy upon our lives. But it will do us good to keep in view the words of the Master, in His sermon on the mountain, that it is those who show mercy that will obtain mercy; and great woes, and hardships, await all men and women, Kings and princes, Queens and Princesses, whatever they are, who are “Men without Mercy.”

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  1. Oh what a great lesson …please Lord help me to always show mercy
    I now have more understanding on the book of Jeremiah. Thank you sir, God bless you

  2. Great piece! From our predicaments to the scriptures. The word of God remains…I will show mercy to them that are merciful.

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