September 20, 2021

THE PROPHETIC TEACHER: David Pawson (1930-2020)

Born on the 25th of February 1930, David Pawson was an evangelical minister, writer and prominent Bible teacher as well as a Christian apologist based in the United Kingdom. According to him, his immediate ancestors were either farmers, Methodist preachers or both, dating back to John Pawson who was a personal friend and follower of John Wesley. So, he came from a long line of ministers. At first David wanted to become an Agriculturist, but as he was finishing his university education, he felt called into the full-time Christian ministry, which took him some time to confirm, after which he then went into the ministry. Including getting a theology degree.

He served in the military as a chaplain, which was where he became increasingly interested in teaching the whole truth of the Scriptures. With time, he joined the Methodist as a minister, but became increasingly uncomfortable with the doctrine of infant baptism. After appearing before the Methodist doctrinal committee, he offered to leave the denomination, and later became the pastor of a Baptist Church in Buckinghamshire (which became known as ‘Millmead’).

As a minister, he avoided teaching on the subject of the Holy Spirit because he really didn’t know Him on a personal level. He dreaded Pentecost Sundays because they were the days that he was forced to face his most dreaded subject. One year, he decided that he must face that subject and thrash it out; so, he started teaching on the Holy Spirit. Sunday after Sunday, his only subject was the Holy Spirit. Tracing the Spirit from Genesis, he continued following the movements of the Spirit with his congregation as he taught it, till he came to the book of Matthew. A crisis experience that period got him to the place of prayer where he was graciously baptized with the Holy Spirit. From that moment, his ministry remarkably shifted and God took him to greater heights.

From his Millmead Baptist church, his teaching tapes (which were originally made for the sick and elderly of the church who could not come to church meetings on Sundays) became popular worldwide through his website and other means. Without much effort on his part, God began to extend his voice to the ends of the earth.

In 1979 he left Millmead to become an itinerant minister featuring in lots of ministrations and seminars for church leaders all over the world. He wrote several books, and had his teachings including the popular ‘UNLOCKING THE BIBLE’ spread all over the earth. Rev. David Pawson was never afraid of being controversial or unconventional. Though with a quiet and ‘British’ demeanour, David Pawson faced several issues confronting the believer today. From societal issues (abortion, death sentence, gambling and betting, male leadership, etc.), to doctrinal issues (baptisms, eternal security, divorce and remarriage, etc.), to Christian apologetics, and many more. It was from him I learnt that the preaching ministry can be used to address several issues of life; that God’s word has an answer for whatever questions we may have as to how we should conduct ourselves in society.

I used to think that being a teacher means you will not necessarily operate in the gifts of the Spirit, because the quiet demeanour and calm/collected nature of the “teacher” seemed to be incompatible with the eccentric, shouty and exuberant nature of the “prophet”, as I thought it then. Several of my teachers corrected me on this. With their quiet and calm nature, they walked in great dimensions of the Spirit. It was through the Spirit that Rev. David Pawson was able to prophesy of the taking over of Britain by Islamic forces, a reality that is happening today. His ministry witnessed healings, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, words of knowledge and prophecy, and many more.

The renowned Christian writer Martin Lloyd Jones was once asked if there was still any remaining example of Prophetic teaching in the 20th century, and he pointed to David Pawson. Many of us today have been greatly affected by his life, and the balance that he brought to our Christian thought and outlook to life.

I choose to stop my pen here, but I desire that you will go to his website and download some messages and listen to them. I believe that the Lord will bless you greatly. I am including a series i believe you should do well to listen to, it is titled Christian Efficiency (click the title to visit).

Just like I said wen I wrote about Ravi Zacharias, “for us, this is the end of the story, but for Rev. David Pawson, this is just the beginning”. As he rests with the Lord, I believe that God will help us to carry on the torch of his teachings, ministry and convictions to the ends of the earth. Standing on his shoulders, may we move forward and upward, knowing better and doing better, in Jesus Name.

Our condolences to his family members, and to his ministry staff. The Lord has won in all. Amen.

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  1. He was a great blessing to my life *Heaven’s Gain* ….Thank you sir for sharing. Remain blessed

  2. I have been studying his teachings a lot of recent especially unlocking the scriptures. It has given my Bible studies a very wonderful perspective. I’ve been blessed and lot by his ministry. He’s one man I want to follow his example.

  3. Amen. God help will help us to awaken to this great call. Generals are leaving but how many of us are ready to be used? God bless you sir.

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