October 20, 2021

3 thoughts on “A PROMISE FOR ALL TIMES (#ROARfromHEAVEN pt. 6)

  1. Never saw it this way. But, does this mean that the difference in the number of talents given to each man may refer to different measure of the Spirit received?

    1. There’s a slight difference between Luke’s account and Matthew’s account of the parable. Matthew reports the servants being given 5, 2 and 1 talents each, and they all reproduced double 5=10, 2=4, and so they got exactly the same reward from the Master.

      But in Luke’s account, the 10 talents were shared to 10 servants (i.e. 1 talent for each person), so that was why their rewards were different (1= 10, got ten cities, 1=5, got five cities, etc.)

      So, while Luke’s story paints a perfect picture of the fullness of the Spirit given to all equally, Matthew’s story paints a picture of ministerial scopes and dimensions of operations allocated according to grace and personal abilities.

      However, in both cases, the lesson is on the power of faithfully using what God has given you to serve Him. The unfaithful servant received the Spirit, and received ministerial operations, but did nothing with it. One of the questions to answer when we get to heaven is this, “What did you do with the Holy Ghost?” “How did you engage what God had given you for maximum fruitfulness?”

      May God help us. Amen.

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