September 19, 2021


“But when the police arrived at the jail, the men weren’t there, so they returned to the Council and reported, “The jail doors were locked, and the guards were standing outside, but when we opened the gates, no one was there!” When the police captain and the chief priests heard this, they were frantic, wondering what would happen next and where all this would end!  Then someone arrived with the news that the men they had jailed were out in the Temple, preaching to the people!” Acts 5:22-25 (TLB)

It is strange to see how that a lot of Christians today have become purely materialistic. By that, I do not mean that they are pursuing money or other worldly pleasures, but that life is now only viewed in terms of that which we can see, feel and touch. As a result, we fail to appreciate the “spirit business” that goes on all around us.

Do you know, and do you still believe that we (humans) and the animals are not the only beings on this face of the earth? There are extra-terrestrial forces, or those we will simply call celestial beings. These are beings that transcend the realms of our physical realities, and they are not ‘ghosts’ of dead men, or that sort of thing. They are indeed persons from a higher realm of life than the biological.

To the Early Church, the spiritual realm was an utter reality. These men clearly understood that physical life as they saw it was simply a ‘dance of the spirits.’ Things were not happening on earth simply because of natural causes… A lot of things were taking place orchestrated by forces beyond the physical.

They were conscious of the negative supernatural (Satan, and his demonic personalities, and the principalities and powers). However, they were much conscious of the positive supernatural (the hosts of God’s angelic presence that attend to the believer in Christ Jesus). Many times they had been released from physical prisons by the angelic ministry. Many times they had been given directions or warnings by the angelic ministry.

Hebrews 1:14 says, “No, for the angels are only spirit-messengers sent out to help and care for those who are to receive his salvation.”

It is a pity today that we are losing the consciousness of the angelic presence and help. We are now much more aware of demons, principalities and powers, than of angelic presence. Yet all around us, God’s angelic hosts are moving, helping us in ways beyond our understanding.

Many times, we have experienced God’s help, deliverance and intervention with/without knowing. Many years ago, while I was still quite younger, one day, we were returning back from a night vigil, I and my two elder sisters, when a dog began to follow us from a distance. We did all we could to chase away this dog because we did not really understand its mission, and we were afraid, but it kept trailing behind us even after we had chased it away. This dog never barked or any such thing, it just kept following us! We got home, entered into our gate and shut it; this dog crept in through the gates and also entered our compound. It went to our garden to stay. We chased it out a few times, but it will always come back. This went on for days; it never barked or made any noise, just simply stayed in the garden. At a point, my sister, who was fond of animals, started bringing it food. We just jokingly accepted that we now have a dog, whether we liked it or not!

One fateful night, at the thickest time of the night, for the first time in days of staying with us, this dog started barking! It barked so ferociously that we were afraid to go out that night. Its barks must have gone through the whole small village in that middle of the night. We simply stayed in our rooms wondering what tomorrow will bring. By the next day, we went into the garden and the dog was no more! It simply disappeared! And we never saw it again for the rest of our lives.

I shudder whenever I remember that dog, and I can only wonder what God must have sent it to prevent, and whatever it was that caused it to bark that night. But I must confess that every day, in one way or the other, many of us have experienced angelic protection, with or without knowing it.

God’s angels are all around us! They are more real than the demons trying to fight us. They are there to help us, to protect us, and to guide us

I do not say that you should pray to see them; but I write to tell you: EXPECT A MIRACLE! So many Christians have reduced their lives to that which can be understood with the five (5) senses, but I encourage you to always expect a miracle. Wherever you are, in whatever situation you find yourself, always expect that God will come through for you. Always expect the help, protection and guidance of His Angel forces. If you are a believer reading this, just know that one or two of God’s angelic hosts are there with your right now, and they are smiling as you read this.

Your life is not left to chance, or to what fate will come your way. Always be strong, have faith and constantly expect the help of God’s angels. Their help did not stop with the early Church. Also keep this in mind, that life is a dance of the spirits, and it is the one who have learnt to submit to the Spirit of the Living God, and to whom God’s angelic forces are placed at his/her disposal, that will always win (in death or in life.)

AND SO? Have you ever experienced angelic help or protection? Have you ever had things happen to you that you could never explain by mere biological terms? We love you to share your story with us in the comment section. God bless you.

6 thoughts on “ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT (#ROARfromHEAVEN pt. 13)

  1. I remember a period in my life when for some reasons I had to come home very late at night on some specific days, and then living in an area where cult activity was a Norm. As I walked down the lonely and dreaded street leading to my house, fear would fill my heart, though looking at my physical composure you will never tell but deep down I was terrified… But every night as I passed by, no one ever stopped me to say anything. I was never harassed yet fear had a grip on me. One night as I was walking home fearfully I heard the Spirit ask me “Nne, why are you so scared even when you know that Angels are on guard? ” And I said, Lord I know that Angels are at my disposal though I can’t see them but can you please give me an Angel I can see, just to help your girl’s heart. I didn’t know how I expected that prayer to be answered 🙂 but to my surprise, right there and then HE said I will do it….
    The next night on my way home, one of the dreaded cult guys in my street walked up to me, my heart jumped into my mouth 😁. He just greeted me warmly and offered to help me carry my bag… Surprisingly, I handed the bag without thinking 😎 he carried the bag, took hold of my hand and walked me to my gate while asking me how my day went. He stood there until I entered my house. Immediately I entered my room and sat down I was like Lord, what just happened? And HE said to me, that’s your newly recruited Physical Angel… My mouth dropped open with shock… My heart was gripped by such love… Till today, whenever I come home late, someone is waiting to walk me down to my house… And He has ceased to be a terror to the street… Our conversations as we walk to my house are bearing fruits.
    Sorry for the long story.
    Angelic activities are REAL

    1. That’s true. We just need to be sensitive. Sometimes, they are actually real men, but God was the one who moved them to our help. The Lord be praised who protects His own.

  2. Kai, this really touched me.
    Well, in my life I’ve realized that there are invisible angels God places over His children. Most times we do not see them with our visible eyes but if we can be sensitive enough we’ll have the feelings that we aren’t alone even in the most darkest moments of our lives. Mine happened to be felt. It wasn’t just an ordinary pressure from no where but it was a huge push on my Head…
    Every university undergraduate in Nigeria has a level in her discipline where she goes for an industrial training depending on the years of his/her discipline that lasts for a period of 6months. Few years ago, I had mine and it was in my 300l. During that time we were asked to look for an establishment or a company where we can spend the 6months in working and then come back in 400l to defend our I.T . It was at this point that my own battle started. Coming from a Christian home made me to pass the basic test i.e praying for everything before embarking on it. My family had a week fasting and prayers Just for me to find a place to attach. I searched and searched but to no avail. I became depressed and devastated. I guess we all know that feeling one gets when friends who are on the same mission with you, calls you to share their testimony and wonderful places they’ve gotten whereas you haven’t seen any. That was actually my state then. I managed to get a good place a where I could be paid well but a relation I was meant to squat with rejected me for no reason.
    Kai, kai, kai…..words fail me to express how I felt at this point! Pardon me!
    I had to go back to God again on a personal note not as a family this time, to ask for help after my dad made a statement to me. My dad called me and said to me
    “see Chinenye I don’t know what to do again for you”. It was a breaking point for me and I couldn’t bear it……
    So with brokenness I knelt down in our alter and prayed…. I guess the neighbours must have heard me groan in pain! It was a groaning! A very huge groaning!
    Howbeit, I felt a huge cold pouring of calmness on me after the prayers. I had my peace instantly. I found myself not worrying any more. I can’t really tell what happened but I noticed a huge burden was taken away from me and my heart became lighter.
    That’s not the testimony!
    Hear this now!
    The same day after the prayers I went to collect my phone that was under repair. Getting to a particular junction on the road I felt a very STRONG INVISIBLE HAND ON MY HEAD turning me across the busy road. It was so intense! And it was like a push…..
    So when I looked across it was my lecturer in school (A Doc.) With another learned advanced woman.. I can’t tell how he located me from the car and from afar, he asked me to come….
    It was at this point that God gave me a testimony. .. Through Him and the woman who is a professor, God provided a place for my industrial training. She directed me to a laboratory clinic which was gave me a bearing to the actual place that the Lord wanted me to be. Not only did the Lord ordered my steps, He gave me a mother during those periods of training I was away from my parents that took care of me. I didn’t pay house rent, I didn’t pay for my feedings rather I was taken care of by a woman that is never related to me! Never!. I was taken in as her biological Child. Her motorcycle became mine as I was riding it everywhere…….
    In life no matter the situation we are in we have a father that takes care of us beyond imaginations. Crossing roads of difficulties in life is inevitable but remember God says in His Word that “He will give His angels Charge over us….
    There are unseen armies guiding us as the Children of God. So be rest assured that He is with you. Eliminate fear, doubt and worries rather draw closer to Him and He will see you through…
    “Be still and know that He is God”
    Hold on and take a one step at a time with Him….

  3. I can remember those days in my junior secondary school days I encountered an angelic visitation. I was a boarder away from home. It got to a point where my provision and money finished and the food shared in school refectory was not enough to satisfy my hunger. I remembered praying and asking God for #40 at least to buy something with. I was reading in the class when I made this prayer. After a little while a man from nowhere entered the class where I was reading and sat down. Being girls’ school I was terrified. I moved close to the window for escape in case of any thing. The man then walked up to a desk far away from me and started counting money. I kept wondering in my heart where the security men could have been, for the man to have entered the school. The man kept counting and arranging the naira note. At a point he asked me for pen and sheet of paper which I gave to him. After a while he rose to go. He returned my pen and gave me #40. I watched the man open the school gate and left without anyone stopping him. Just in recent times I started thinking that it could be a angel

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