October 28, 2021

4 thoughts on “KEEP THE FIRE BURNING (#ROARfromHEAVEN pt. 15)

  1. The standard is clear. The matter of honest report is so overlooked. However Sir, how do we juxtapose between having a honest report and being judged for our past ways?

    1. Paul, the main character of the Acts of the Apostle was also a man with a terrible past… And so were some of the men chosen to be elders. However, having believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, they became men with changed lives.
      With time, their lives showed the difference between then and now, and even those who saw them in their days of darkness, clearly saw the light of God shinning through their lives. So, the challenge is “what is the present testimony or report about that person?” Not necessary testimony from distant past. Though some time should pass upon a new convert before he can be trusted with leadership positions, so he can prove indeed a changed life, and obtain some measure of good report.

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