October 20, 2021

5 thoughts on “STAY WORDED! (#ROARfromHEAVEN pt. 16)

  1. Thanks Sir. What do you have to say about people of the opinion that we can’t learn the Bible by ourselves, that we have to be taught? To justify this, some believers claim that it’s the job of a select few to teach others the word of God as we find with the early church.

    1. There’s not much to say on this. It is true that there are men given the grace of teaching the word of God to the body of Christ, and they labour much intensely than the average Believer in the word of God, but their role is not to spoonfeed the Church of Jesus, but to lead them on.

      They are supposed to trigger the appetite of the brethren to go back and study God’s word themselves. Going back to God’s word and studying it for yourself is the goal of every sincere Bible teacher.

      Just like the Berean Jews, we could hear a man explain the scriptures, but we have a duty to, through the Holy Spirit, search the scriptures to see if these things are true. That is how one’s faith becomes very strong in God.

  2. “Give the Holy Spirit a wide range of land in your life for Him to work, and you do that by having breadth in your knowledge of God’s word”
    The above phrase brought to my memory a post I came across by a believer on Facebook. Though am still digesting it small, small!
    In His quote, He gave an illustration and contractions between Apostle Paul and Peter in their letters to the Churches. He said that the reason Paul was able to write different letters that we Christians are having access to today is Because of how exposed He was in terms of academics. He was a learned man fully equipped no wonder the Holy Spirit was able to use Him greatly when it comes to His writings. Peter on the other hand has a lot inside of Him too which He could have released to His generations by writing but because of Not being too exposed in terms of academics (learned), He wrote few….
    For us to be used mightily by the Holy Spirit in all dimensions we must avail ourselves. Don’t cry Lord use me! But yet you haven’t opened all the Channels in you to be used. Yes, we have the responsibility to Obey His Word,but most especially grow to have full understanding of what you are to obey and this comes by Reading His word.
    God bless you sir for this

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