In the heavens there was an unusual activity. Angels Krioni and Nathan were summoned into the inner Chambers. They wondered as they went what was going to be their next assignment. They have fought lots of battles and safeguarded millions of Christians since their thousands years of existence. They have protected a lot of the servants of the Lord of Hosts, and their last charges had just returned to glory- one died as an old man of 86 years while the other was taken in a car crash at 54 years old. They marched into the inner Chambers and were greeted by the General – the Archangel Michael and one of the notable captains of the Lord of Hosts who had been instrumental to the defeat of the prince of Babylon- Captain Tal.

“Hail Michael! Hail Tal!” Krioni and Nathan greeted.

“Hail Krioni and Nathan”, the General and Captain Tal returned their greeting.

“Congratulations on your last charges”, Archangel Michael said. “It is not always that an angel has the privilege of leading a man all the way from earth to Heaven. Sometimes, some fall out of the way and give up, but your charges endured to the end.”

“All praises to the King of Glory who sent his Son Jesus Christ into the world to make it possible”, Nathan replied.

“You have a new charge from the Lord of Hosts”, Captain Tal started, “Africa- Nigeria to be precise.”

“The two of us together?” Krioni asked.

“Yes, the two of you together”. Tal replied.

“Hmmn. Must be a big deal”, Krioni said.

“Sure”, Michael continued, “in the city of Abokpa in Enugu state, a young man is about to be given birth to. The Holy Spirit said he shall be named Daniel. Daniel Atuegwu. He is going to be born under some strange circumstances and will be considered by the world as the consequence of a mistake; but far be it from the truth. He is not a mistake; in fact no one in this world ever is a mistake!”

“One of those stupidity of men”, Angel Nathan mused, “to consider any child a mistake.”

“The Lord of Hosts has instructed us to see to the welfare of that child”, Tal continued, “you and Krioni especially. He is going to be a mighty force in Africa to bring to end the reign of wickedness, corruption and greed in the land. He will be a man of peace, and because of him many who are at war will sheath their swords and embrace peace. He has a serious mandate to fulfill for God on the Earth.

“However,” Michael took over, “as you already know, Satan will fight him like he fought the man-child Jesus, and all other children of purpose on this earth. Daniel will pass through a lot in life as a young child. Satan will fight him at birth, in childhood through different sicknesses and diseases, and will bring many bad friends across his way as he grows into his teens. Therefore, your charge is to protect him and to preserve him until the Holy Spirit is able to bring him to the Valley of decision where we can now know whether he will choose the way of God and be used as proposed, or choose the way of Satan and so miss his destiny.”

“The strength of the Lord will be with you and his power shall continually follow you. You will not be alone in this battle as you will meet a lot of other Angels who are keeping other Christians in that community. We shall labour to bring him close to those Christians in his area, and we will also labour to have some of them they praying for him. It is a good thing that we have his grandma already as a part of us, and we will use her to keep the young man in prayers and good advice.”

“Remember that the Lord who goes with you is stronger than all the hosts of the enemy. Go and keep the child safe, and you report directly to the throne of God. May his grace be with you Nathan and Krioni”, the two angels said.

“And with you too”, Nathan and Krioni replied

The angels left the heavens and come down to Earth to the scene of the hospital where Daniel was to be born. That very day, there was no small stir between the angels and the demon princes positioned by Satan to ensure that the delivery did not take place. The battle that took place was not something to joke about but they prayers offered to God by Mrs. Atuegwu and her church members empowered God’s Angels to rout the armies of the enemy. In no distant time, the child was born safely.

The warfare that took place in the child Daniel’s life cannot be fully contained in a book of small volume. There were times when he was stricken with strange sicknesses, but God healed him. There were times when he would have been knocked down by a motorbike, but God, through his Angels, protected the young Daniel from any harm. There were also times when some of his fellow pupils in primary school tried to initiate him into their cult by giving him biscuits and sweets. Some he innocently ate and some he did not, but no matter the mistakes of a child, God can protect him or her from known and unknown dangers, more especially when he or she has a relative or beloved one praying to God for him/her.

Daniel was protected and preserved throughout his Primary School days while his grandma who he was now living with continued to pray for him, teach him the word of God and lead him in the way he should go in life.

His mother, Chidimma, later went to the city when she continued with her sewing trade and evening classes so that she can get her WAEC certificate. Daniel finished his Primary School and took the state common entrance exam where he finally got admitted into the notable Royal College Abokpa for his secondary school education. There, the real battle for his destiny was to begin, and there his real story was to start.

************** to be continued ***************

P/S: The Angel names used in this novel are fictitious (except for Michael and Gabriel); some names were called from Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. Some came purely from the Author’s imagination.

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