“Hei, seems you are going towards JSS1c?”, a voice asked behind Daniel. Daniel turned to see a young student like him who was running towards him from behind “Yes”, he replied, and slowed down his pace so that the boy would catch up with him. “Ok, I’m going there too” the boy said. “Thank God”, Daniel replied, “I am not too conversant with this place. I just resumed today.”  “Okay, that explains why your face is not familiar,” the boy retorted, “I resumed last week. My name is Obinna, and yours”. “My name is Daniel,” he replied. “How old are you, Daniel?” Obinna asked. “I am 11 years old,” Daniel replied, “and you?” “I am 12 years old”. “Thank God, I met you”, Daniel said, “because I don’t know much of the school yet, and I would like someone to guide me”. “Ah, no problem,” Obinna replied as they walked into the classroom and sat down.

Meanwhile, unseen above the top of the classroom, Krioni and Nathan exchanged words with the demons Fighting, Malice and Stubbornness that were residing inside the young Obinna. “What are you doing in the life of such a young boy?” Angel Nathan questioned the demons. With a devilish smile on their faces, Malice replied, “We were invited into his life by his parents. They rejected the ways of your Lord and Master and followed our ways of fighting, quarreling, smoking and drinking alcohol; always busy and not having time for their children. As a result, the children grew up not knowing your Lord’s way, but were conversant with our ways. Now we have a hold over his life.” The demon grinned sheepishly.

Suddenly Stubbornness recognized Krioni and retorted, “Oh, I know you! You were part of the angel forces that pushed back the red sea so the Israelites can cross over. You let the sea fall back on Pharaoh and his army as we led them to capture the fleeing Israelites. Now, we meet again. Ha haa haa!”

“And who is that young boy you are guarding”, Fighting continued, “he has come into this school and we will deal with him. He will follow our ways, and we will use Obinna to powerfully influence him to do evil. You have lost in his case”. He laughed awkwardly.

All this while, Krioni and Nathan did not respond. Then Nathan turned to the demons and spoke calmly, “Whatever you do, you have been destroyed and defeated. The cross of Jesus Christ made that certain!”

“Ah, the cross!” Malice groaned with anger, “We shall see”, and they returned to their position, as they hated to be reminded of the victory Jesus had over them at the cross.

There in the classroom, there were a lot of angels and demons over the head of the children. Krioni left Nathan in charge of Daniel while he directed an angel to accompany him to meet with the Angel-prince of Royal College, Jahdiel, who was the one saddled with the responsibility of commanding all the angel forces in Royal College. He was the personal guardian angel of Mr. Thomas Agbo. Mr. Agbo was the vice principal (Academics) of Royal College and also oversaw the department of Mathematics in that school. He was a born-again Christian, and was the patron of the School Bible Club. His passion for the well-being of the students of that College always made him to spend hours in prayers for those children, and his office was always open for any student to come in and share his/her challenges with him. He was indeed a spiritual father to many of those children, and this did not please the devil at all. Many efforts had been made to remove him from the school by some teachers, but they had all failed.

“Hail Jahdiel!”, Krioni greeted. “Hail Krioni”, Jahdiel replied, “it is nice to meet with you once again. When I was told that you and Nathan will be leading a charge to this college, I knew we would have serious battles on our hands. The young boy must be a force to be reckoned with”, he concluded.

“Yes. The Almighty has great plans for him”, Krioni said, “though he doesn’t know it yet. Nobody knows it anyway. Men walk about in life ignorant of the things of the spirit, not knowing that every day battles and plotting are going on over their heads and their destiny.”

“Like my charge here”, Jahdiel said pointing to Mr. Agbo, “He doesn’t know how much his presence in this school has saved a lot of lives and destinies. Sometimes, he complains about the meager salary and wants to resign and find another job. But thanks to the Lord, who always sends a word of encouragement when he needs it”.

“That is why”, Jahdiel continued, “even the holy scriptures encourage the sons of men to ‘be glad for all that God is planning for them, to be patient in troubles and prayerful always.’ That is in Romans 12 vs. 12.”

“Now about the young Daniel, he has already met a young man by name Obinna, who from our understanding is a suspicious fellow”, Krioni said.

“Yes”, Jahdiel intercepted, “We received information from the Lord of Hosts that Satan has arranged a friend for him. It is in the plan of God that he should meet with Mr. Agbo, but that will be in Jss2. Therefore, you have to do all you can to keep the young man from being destroyed, while I do all I can to keep Mr. Thomas from ever leaving the school.”

“May the Lord’s will be done”, Krioni said.

“Amen”, Jahdiel replied, and Krioni left the place to return to his charge in the class.

Meanwhile Mr. Thomas was sitting down in his office trying to arrange the admission files of the incoming students while Daniel was in class taking his first lessons in school. Both were oblivious of the battles going over their head, or the plans being hatched by God for their meeting.

*********** to be continued *************

Joshua Obodozie resides in Enugu, Nigeria, West Africa. He is a believer in Christ Jesus and in the authority of the Bible as the inerrant word of God. He is the chief editor of THE CHRISTIAN IN SOCIETY ( an online blog that reaches thousands of Nigerians and Africans with the word of God. He is also a Materials Engineer by profession.


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