That very day, as Daniel finished meeting with Mr. Agbo, he went back to the class with his heart full of wisdom. He resolved that day to walk home from school in order to meditate on some of the things Mr. Agbo said to him. By the time the school dismissed, Daniel was ready to go home. He did not wait for Obinna but went on home straight, as he had many things to think about.

Obinna, meanwhile, had no intentions of going home with Daniel that day. He was going to be initiated into the Yeoman’s cult, and he had made all necessary preparations to move straight from school to the meeting ground. It was an uncompleted building not far from the school. Obinna had been invited into that cult by an SS1 student who saw in him the potentials of a Capone in the making. He made Obinna understand that being in the Yeoman’s cult will give him respect amongst his class mates and seniors too. He assured him that no senior will molest him or handle him anyhow if he became a member of the cult. This pleased Obinna, and he promised to make himself available. He was asked to bring #5,000 which he successfully stole from his mother’s shop the previous day.

The meeting ground was full of many students from Royal college and other secondary school, as well as university students from the nearby campuses, and others who were also school leavers. Their Capone, who was a 400L engineering student, took time to address the cultists. They had about 10 persons who were to be initiated that very day, and majority of them were from Royal college.

“Yeomans!”, the leader shouted.

“Maintain!”, the others chorused.

“Yeomans!”, the leader shouted again.

“Maintain!”, the others chorused again.

“We want to welcome the newbies to the brotherhood. This is not a game for boys. It is serious business. We love one another. We help one another. This is the game we play, and we expect everyone to cooperate. This initiation is not going to be easy, but it will turn you into a man. It will make you rugged, and able to represent anytime any day. If you know that you cannot do, I give you permission now to run far… But remember, that even if you leave, we will still be monitoring you, if you do or say anything about us, you will collect. You get!”

“Yes, boss man”, they chorused.

“So, who wan comot for here! Who wants to chicken out, better do that now”.

Everybody waited, but there was no movement. Then the leader went on, “All right, everyone approach with your 5k; the game starts now!”

Each of the newbies approached with their initiation levy, they were then subjected to all manners of harsh treatments, after which they were schooled on the working model of the cult group. They were also told of the implications of leaving the cult. With an oath, they all promised to obey and abide by the rules and regulations. The meeting ended around 4.30pm, and Obinna hurried home with his dirty school uniform, pretending to have fallen down somewhere along the way. That day, there was much rejoicing among the demonic ranks, as they celebrated everything that took place. More people in the cult groups meant more opportunity to take young lives when the time was ripe. It pleased them greatly, but the hosts of heaven grinned their teeth and mourned over these young ones who were born to be great in God’s divine agenda, but chose to follow the way of heedlessness.

Everyone would have thought it was an accident, but it was not to be. As Daniel stepped out of the school gate to head for home, he met Senior Lazarus Okem heading home too. Lazarus was the present president of the Bible club. When Daniel came to the Bible club newly in JSS1, Senor Laz was then the secretary of the club. He was the one that specially welcomed Daniel and prayed for him. That day, he, through the word of knowledge, told Daniel that God had great plans for him. He encouraged Daniel to surrender totally to Jesus Christ and never turn back from Him no matter what.

Of all the SS3 students who were not cultists (apart from the school’s senior prefect), Lazarus was the most feared senior in the school. Barely 18 years of age, Lazarus was a pastor’s son, but encountered Christ at the age of 15 when he was in his junior school. It was in a Youths and Students holiday camp of the Scripture Union. It was in that same program that Lazarus was baptized in the Holy Ghost, and he began to walk in spiritual gifts. By his SS3, he was no longer someone to be joked with or intimidated. He was not all that strong physically, but his own advantage was in the things of the spirit. When he was in SS2, some cult boys had accosted him on the way home, because he told the teacher the truth about what they had done and they were punished. That very day, Lazarus warned them seriously not to raise their hands against him, that the first one to do so was going to face some dire consequences. They did not listen to him, rather, one of them, an SS3 student lifted his hand to slap him; there and then, his hand lost its life. It took pleas from the others and the boy himself for Lazarus to pray to God for mercy, and the boy’s hands were restored. Since then, everyone gave Lazarus his right of way.

“Hello, Daniel”

“Hello, Senior Laz, good afternoon”

“How are you doing?”

“I am fine, sir”

“This one you are not with that your friend, what is his name again?”


“Yes, Obinna.”

“Actually, I wanted to go home alone. I have many things to think about.”

“Think about? I hope all is well?”

“Yes senior. Just some things I discussed with Mr. Agbo in his office today.”

Above them, Krioni and Nathan were joined by Poniel, the Angel that guarded Lazarus. He was a mighty being, who knew his onion and had fought many great battles. Lazarus was his latest charge from the Almighty.

“Hail, Krioni and Nathan” Poniel greeted.

“Hail, Poniel”, they replied.

“How is our little boy coming along?” Poniel asked them.

“He’s being helped by the Spirit; and we are doing our best to assist him. But we have been told that his journey to the cross will be a turbulent one, and it is there that we shall know what his decision will be.”

“It is well,” replied Poniel, “may the death of Christ on the cross not be in vain over his life.”

“Amen”, Nathan and Krioni replied.

Nathan, Krioni and Poniel fell silent immediately as they began to sense the gentle breeze of Jesus. The spirit was speaking to Lazarus.

“Talk to him about Obinna. Tell him to beware of pride.”

Lazarus heard it clearly.

“My house is in the direction of yours; so, let us walk down together. I sense in my spirit to talk to you about your friend Obinna, and also about the issue of pride.”

“Okay, senior.”

Daniel fell along as Senior Laz began to speak as the Spirit moved him. He was touching every ground around which the enemy was to plough, preparing Daniel for the coming days.

Jahdiel, far back in Mr. Agbo’s office, also felt the stirring of the Spirit. He looked down and saw Mr. Agbo bending his knees.

“Daniel,” the Spirit said, “pray for Daniel”.

Mr. Agbo had finished his work for the day, and was getting ready to lock his office and go home. He still had a few minutes on his hands; so, he bent his knees, with his head on his office table, and began to speak in unknown tongues.

Joshua Obodozie resides in Enugu, Nigeria, West Africa. He is a believer in Christ Jesus and in the authority of the Bible as the inerrant word of God. He is the chief editor of THE CHRISTIAN IN SOCIETY (www.thechristianinsociety.org) an online blog that reaches thousands of Nigerians and Africans with the word of God. He is also a Materials Engineer by profession.


  1. That feeling; a stirring to pray in tongues; even when you don’t know the indication.
    Oh! Help us Lord to be sensitive and obey.

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