October 28, 2021


The little space of ground on the earth belonging to Northern and Southern Israel faced a lot of contentions from kings and rulers all through the then known world. Battles from without and compromises from within threatened the very cities where God’s covenant with Abraham was actualized. The book of 2 Kings tells the story of various kings and rulers that governed Israel (the North) and Judah (the South), their strengths, mistakes, integrity and compromises. In this book, our eyes will be opened to how God walked with the ancient land of Israel and what finally led to the exile (both of the land of Israel and Judah). Thus, the book of 2 Kings will form the fulcrum of the study on THRONES; and we pray that in this study, God will teach us warfare and how we can indeed take our communities, cities and nations for the Lord. THRONES will be published (in episodes) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before 6pm, beginning from 5th October, 2021.