September 20, 2021


Posts on Christian Youths and Challeneges confronting them in society

MACRON AND FELA KUTI- Eternal Lessons for Christian Youths

As I cuddled that thought in my heart, the Holy Spirit began to rebuke me. “At what cost? Have you considered that? What will it cost you to have all these people attend your burial?” Did it ever cross your mind that you may need to be quiet over some things you would have spoken up about? Did it ever cross your mind that you may have to advocate for things you do not believe in just to be the world’s favorite? The cost of being popular in the world is enormous, and as the world gets madder, it becomes almost impossible to have their respect, honour and admiration, and yet please God.


Nobody goes about in life giving powerful opportunities to novices. Most times we complain about the favours that other people are getting from life, and we ask why we are not getting such favours, but how can we when we do not have a track record? Have you been proved by the fiery furnace of years? Has life tried you and proved you?